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12/17/07 11:34 pm - Long time now

so, who still uses this?

but yea, i'm done with first semester Junior year.

I'm going to China for 9 months.

Anybody want to go with me?

Daniel Chen

12/11/06 06:22 am - stuff

a couple got engaged at Lehigh yesterday. They're only seniors. i found it interesting and very cute. but it gets me worried a little too.

i'll be back the 19th. i expect to see a lot of people and to hear a lot of stories.

we'll probably talk about what happened with packer and what not so be prepared

9/5/06 12:07 am - bitches

say happy birthday to Shake.
and have a moment of silence for steve Irwin Crocodile hunter.

but don't ask me how i'm doing.

cause i don't really have a good answer

cept that my apartment is still too nice to be true

but damn, Crocodile hunter was so cool

8/16/06 09:36 am - Wednesday

woke up early to visit my peeps at my pool. i really enjoy the morning walk. listening to my ipod and having pretty much the whole street to myself. see the occasional parents with the kids going to school, or like delivery trucks making their drop offs at stores. when i get to the park, the sun's right in my face and it's really nice. see the asians working out in the morning. but, the best part of it all is that i know i'm going to get a very welcoming reception at the pool. the people i worked with this summer were awesome and they actually made waking up at 6 in the morning every day bearable. at first i thought i wasn't going to be cool enough to get close to them cause they had worked together last year, but they were very welcoming and all maddd chill. i like it. i like it alot.

one of them was this girl and i think she grew on me a lot. at first, when i saw her, i was like, damn, she's pretty. when i finally got to know her, she's mad cool. we got to be pretty cool friends but i'm not sure how i'm feeling. haven't experienced a crush in a long time. i don't know what to do anymore haha. i'm a pimp but when it comes to girls like her, i'm a toddler blowing bubbles before i put my head in the water. it's also hard to like...say things out of line cause the other guys i work with might be into her too, or maybe i'm just paranoid. the whole office relationships probably kicked into effect too. being friends will just have to cut it now. i ain't complaining. =)

if u want to see my coworkers, i put pictures of them up on fb.

8/6/06 03:55 am

anybody want to pull a tyra banks for me and tell that girl that she's seems really cool and if she ever needs another view of NY, tell her to holla at me. thanks.

7/17/06 12:46 am - hamburgers got nothing on pork buns

yo, so i got a question. like, what is like, classic american cuisine that can be used to identify american culture?
like, if i took you to a chinese restaurant, i can be like, this is a classic chinese dish that everyone would know and purely identify as a chinese dish. even i took you to like my house, i could make something and be like, only the chinese make this or eat this or at least originated it. but what can an american say? i'm not knocking on anybody, i'm just wondering. i just want to know what dishes are like...what culture? like a knish or matza is jewish right? burritos are ...mexican or spanish? jamaican beef patty is jamaican? althoght i've never really had one that was deemed purely jamaican. just public school kind...

6/21/06 12:29 am

stupid mavs. that's just embarrassing.

yo, i'm planning to do something on friday night because any other night, people work the next day. i got national lampoon's animal house on DVD from netflix so lets watch that first. then make it a poker night. i plan to not just invite you packer peeps but also some of my other friends from outside of packer so i'll give you guys a call or something. actually, just let me know if you're interested. other than that, i'll be going to the beach tomorrow morning. maybe playing some basketball sometime this week. anybody want to get some competitive sports going? ultimate frisbee, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, anything. just get a bunch of people together and play something. even a picnic. heh. i want a cake party!!!

whatever, if u guys have free time, lets just do something. i'm so bored. well, i'm off. peace

6/12/06 03:50 am - balls to the walls

first off,
Happy Birthday Zoe!

now, just wanted to say that i still smell good but yet alone =( it stinks how i missed on yet another seemingly amazing and quite gorgeous oppurtunity because i didn't do anything about it. went through all the trouble to wear jeans for the first time, matched with a nice and new shirt worn in a new technique with a t shirt under it, styled the hair and of course, threw on the "make a woman melt" Curve. all in all, takes more than that to get what you want haha maybe like new shoes...that's what i need.

=p better luck tomorrow

5/25/06 01:49 am - YESSSS!!!

when i first got my grades, i was like, wtf. this is bs.

so, i emailed some people and next thing you know, they realize they made two mistakes on it. now my grades got bumped up and i did better than last semester haha. i'm still disatisfied with one grade but them bastards caught me there. such bs how two unexcused absences instantly merit you only a B. watever the fuk happened to a A- or a B+. 1 was unexcused, given i didn't think i'd miss another one. but then i got sick. hence, not being able to sing. shit needs a written documentation to prove that i was sick. understandable, but still. but as long as it shows i did better and made improvements. maybe i'm on the dean's list now =)

yo, who's up for a BBQ next week or what not???

seth, let me get all the leftovers. i'll probably be doing more stuff than you will so i'll hold onto them.

5/15/06 12:39 am - 5th grade

I had a water ballon fight in my backyard with some of my closest friends on my 10th birthday. i got comic books, an action figure, 10 bucks, some other stuff, and a ice cream cake from carvel. that was glorious.

i bought my first comic books two days ago. it's awesome =)

so, i've been working my ass off for my dad at his construction site this past week. we had to dig a trench to put in the water pipes and we were actually done by thursday. cept it rained on friday and since we kept the hollow pipes closed, it floated up; totally messing up our measurements. so saturday, i'm there by 7 am and we start setting it back to its proper measurements cause they pour the concrete that day. i worked till 2 in the afternoon. shit was crazy. hence, i'm sick again lol. but boy do i feel beasty. very belittled by them mexicans working along side of me, and by a 60 year old man who's a MACHINE. not to mention my dad.

yo, mother's day dinner was amazing. i cooked two of the dishes but still, holy smokes. i'd eat more if i wasn't about to explode.

oh teenagers haha =)
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